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Relationship Restaurant with Poppy and Geoff

Nov 21, 2019

Join us as we bust through the myths and misconceptions of Hospice care and how to best manage communication and relationships through the process.

Oct 30, 2019

We all have biases that keep us from blending and belonging. Understanding how we "cherry pick” our decisions based on ill-informed info, can diminish confirmation bias and lead us into honest, heart-healthy relationships.

Oct 17, 2019

On Episode #66, London Business School’s Professor of Organisational Behavior, shares his views on how we manage perceptions, emotions, conflict and trust in our interpersonal relationships.

Oct 2, 2019

In Podcast #65, we reached out to Norway’s Norselab’s Senior Partner and Minister of Culture, Ivar Kroghrud, to dive into his inspired topic of leadership in all relationships, and how a User Manual in any relationship is an essential element to powerfully understand and interact with one another.

Sep 25, 2019

In Episode #64 of the Relationship Restaurant, we explore the motivations and values that couples have and how those values influence their decision making and relationship.